Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrating Australia Day with Zoe

Our lovely Miss Zoe the Australian Aussie from Down Under at Making it' Crafty is celebrating Australia Day by hosting a word association game. She has given us some phrases used in Australia to define which to me are pretty simple. I'm quite confident I'll get them all correct. So here goes.

1. Phrase: You little Ripper
   Definition- The dog got a hold of the toilet paper again and is tearing through the house with it.

2. Phrase: We’ll I’ll be buggered
   Definition- You are Totally annoying me again.

3. Phrase: Crikey
   Definition- Grandpa's got the aches and pains again.

4. Phrase: Fair Dinkum
   Definition- Fair fight!

5. Phrase: On A Good Wicket
   Definition- Too much alcohol to drink.

6. Phrase: Make A Proper galah of yourself
   Definition- Put your spiffy suit and tie on, cause we're off to church.

7. Phrase: She’ll be apples
   Definition- Laughing until your face is as bright as apples.

8. Phrase: Ridgie Didge
   Definition- Hiding out from your wife. Shh...

9. Phrase: Bugger Lugs
   Definition-  It's what comes out of your nose when you have a nasty cold.

10. Phrase: Give it a burl
   Definition- Stir the spaghetti sauce it's starting to boil.

11. Phrase: Bob’s Your uncle
   Definition- Oops daddy's not your real daddy. lol This one was easy!

12. Phrase: Go like the clappers
   Definition- Talking way too much.

13. Phrase: Ning Nong
   Definition- The wife is nagging and complaining again.

14. Phrase: Good Onya
   Definition- Goodnight the food was great.

15. Phrase: Rough end of the stick
   Definition- When the kid acts up give him a good whack with a stick.

1 comment:

Zoe said...

HAHAHA Bonnie - Loved Bob's your uncle and I can tell you many husbands would be calling their wives a ningnong for nagging and complaining - although they might even use something a little tougher actually. Thanks for playing along and having a laugh! hugs xxoo

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