Friday, June 24, 2011

Fairy Greetings and my morning adventure 2nd post

My second post of the day
Please join me on my morning hike. Click on the pics to enlarge.

Mama Robyn made a gorgeous nest under our deck. She is nesting on two beautiful blue eggs.

I spotted my garden fairy taking in her fill of natures nector.
It was a lovely hike everything was still damp from yesterday's rain so it smelled so beautiful
I think my fairy may live amongst these toad stools.
Did you ever see that movie Furn Gully?
Hmmm maybe my fairy lives here?
My hiking journey is coming to it's end
My return home
Here is a close up picture of a bird feeder that Jenn made for me.
It reads
Faith is the bird who feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.
That was my Mother's Day gift. I cried!
This is my natural garden. Sorry about the blurry pic, it came out kind of yucky. That's Wisteria growing around the trellis that Sean made for me years ago.
My little deck garden. Isn't my frog so cute?
The swing on the upper deck is where I takes naps, read, craft or just hang out
I haven't been able to swim for about a weeks. It's been rainy and kind of chilly
This is Sean's barn and his little Oasis and what I refer to as Man Land
My morning was lovely I enjoyed every minute of it. I'll be back later. In the mean time I'll be plant shopping and heading back to my garden. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Have a sparkling afternoon.


Love crafts forever said...

Happy Fairy day!!!!!!!!! Awesome photos.
Hugs Nat

Chrissy said...

'Happy Fairy Day', thanks for sharing your lovely photos, what a beautiful peaceful place to live Bonnie, just lovely.

[I do believe in fairies..I do, I do, I do,]

Иришка said...

Боже мой какая красота! Какой лес! Какие грибы! Просто красота!!!! Прелестно! А фея где то есть! Не может быть такой красивый лес без фей!!!

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
what a lovely home you have
enjoy the rest of the fairy day or night
the photo's are amazing hunni
have a great weekend
hugs angelique

Rebekah said...

Goodness Bonnie what lovely photos I can now really picture you in your home, love your swing and pool and wouldn't my habby go mad to have his own space at the bottom of the garden too! I love the hinking pics, we have a forest just like this but its a little drive away, gorgeous bird feeder too! Thanks for the tip on the papers too! hugs rebekah xx

Elise said...

OMG!!! What a magical place you live at!!! And the forest is like .. TWILIGHT baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!! lol! Super cool! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely pics with us! It brings back so many wonderful memories for me, growing up in Hawaii and seeing all of these things also! :)


Cheryl said...

Hi Bonnie, Happy Fairy Day!! Wow what a magical place to live, you must love getting up each morning to those surroundings.
Hugs cheryl

Michelle said...

Hi Bonnie. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful morning walk. There truly is magic to be found and it looks to me that you have found it. Lucky girl :-)

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