Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beary Big Hugs!

I just had to share my joy with you all. I got Beary Big Hugs from across many States. Yup that's right, my bestest buddy Elise sent me Beary Big Hugs literally speaking, and I'm sure in spirit as well. We mine as well live on totally different planets we live so far away from each other. Anyway I saw this stunning card that she made with this stamp and instantly fell in love with it. Knowing that she sent me one! How awesome is that???? If you guys have not seen her Blog you must go visit her Here at Paper Love Affair she is such a talented artist and just an amazing inspiration! Thank you so much Elise from the bottom of my heart!!! Beary Big Hugs right back at ya. I love you! Hugs Bonnie

Isn't she soooo cute???

1 comment:

Elise said...

Oh Bonnie! You are very most welcome! I knew when you said that you absolutely must have this stamp, that I had to give this to you! :) Yep, I am always sending you tight bear hugs alllll the way from here to there! :)

Love ya Bons!!!!

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